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The safari goes on

The readers' reactions to the personal experiences told in "Safari with a bite" ("Safari mit Biss") and "Addicted to Africa" ("Süchtig nach Afrika") have been positive. The last four years were characterised by noumerous readings, visual lectures, discussions, and meetings in libaries, universities, schools, and associations of different kinds in Germany as well as in the Salzburger Land, in Alsace, in Poland, Guatemala, the USA, in the southern and the eastern countries of Africa. Many interesting things about the traditions of our country and of over 90 countries all over the world can be learned by the guests of the Schneiders when visiting their privat collection of objects, presents, and souvenirs from all the countries that the married couple perambulated.

However, the formative experiences in Africa, described in the books, made the Schneiders sensitive for this continent and they got literally addicted to it. Because of the most different relations and bonds to more than 20 visited African countries, they are attracted by those places again and again. In their new book "The fascinating world of Africa" ("Fazination Afrika"), Friedel and Hannelore Schneider fascinatidly report and tell not only about those feelings but also about the upsetting and inapprehensible problems and situations in those countries.

During their annual stay in the different areas of Black Africa, they undertake expeditions to the farest outback, to the remote hinterland, to the deepest wilderness - on their own and adventuresomely.

They sense for the nature and are on the quest for the special things that make Africa that unique. They search for the unique African environment and wilderness and for the people that are still very closely attached to the nature. Pure optimism, acceptance of life and fascination - and at the same time severe poverty, hunger, affliction, AIDS, tribalism and war, brutality and corruption. All this sums up the Africa of today.

They are especially interested in the protection and care of the traditional culture of the peoples. Annualy, they visit the fascinating Reed Dance of the Zulu in South Africa and cultivate an amicable contact to king of the Zulu. Their relationship is based on deep respect and mutual appreciation, on admiration and trust. Relationships of the most different kinds exist towards all of the 20 visited African countries. Examples for this are the royal Reed Dance in Swaziland, the kingdom of Lesotho, the Coptic Christs of Ethiopia - especially on the occasion of their natinal and churchly festive days. Furthermore there are personal connections to the prior Abba Markos in Addis Abeba and to the Liebenzell Mission in Zambia and many more.

They have met many people, have won friends, they have seen and experienced astonishing. The Schneiders help people to help themselves, sponsor adopted children, support projects dealing with AIDS prevention and help students as well as doctors.

They are especially taken with Indigenous peoples. "All of them are in danger of extinction, inexorable and racy, the clock is ticking, for some it is already to late. Even the last cottage in the deepest outback is threatened. Also nature and many animals are affected." To get to know this and to study it all; to communicate experiences at home; to call attention to it and to arouse interest for helping…" that is their concern. This is what Friedel and Hannelore Schneider report about in their lectures with the help of many authentic pictures and documents.

Some examples follow.

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