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The essential and visionary position of our president Horst Köhler regarding Africa is significant base, ambition and encouragement for our commitment.

Quotation from an interview with the Federal President Horst Köhler at the opening of the Africa Forum in Accra, Ghana in 2007 and the repeated broadcast on the occasion of his reelection on May 23 in 2009 on the channel "Phoenix".


"The future,
the survival of the human race is dependent
on the destiny of Africa."

The Federal President identifies himself justifiably as a big friend of Africa. He acts adequately. In his interview, he emphasizes clearly, that the foreign policy main focus lies in this continent. He describes the enormous contradictions:
On the one side, Africa is in wealth of great natural riches. On the other, grossly side, there is penury and misery.


"Ravenous appetite for justice prevails."

Horst Köhler claims the ethical and moral values for humanity and basis of humanitarian aid and puts them in the center of our collective demand.

Dear Dr. Schneider,
dear Mrs. Schneider,
thank you for your letter from June 28 2009 to the Federal President and the imparted congratulations for the reelection. He asked me to answer you.
Concerning your plea… you are free to use the texts of the Federal President in your book ("Fazination Africa" / "The fascinating world of Africa").
All the best for your book, not only from me but also in the name of the Federal President, and great success!
Yours Sincerely
Per procurationem
Georg Schmidt
Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, executive of the department 22

Abstract from an E-Mail from July 2 2009


Dear Dr. Schneider,
dear Mrs. Schneider,
the Federal President Horst Köhler thanks you for your letter from April 16 2006 and also for the two books.

Africa and the destiny of the people there is especially close to his heart. He is convicted that the big challenges, the people in Africa are facing, must not let us, that we are living in Germany, unconcerned. Your letter and your activities demonstrate him how many Germans get involved with their fellow men in Africa. Your kind words are confirmation and encouragement for the Federal President. Therefore, the Federal President willingly satisfies your request and has signed your books.

You will find the signed books attached.
Yours Sincerely
Per procurationem
Matthias Mülmenstädt, Ministerialrat
Executive of the department 22 (Africa, Asia, Development Policy)